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Navel Tweezers

Navel Tweezers
Buy Now! $8.99
    If you're the type of piercer who likes to have as much control over the area as humanly possible, then tweezers might be a better alternative for you than forceps. Tweezers are often considered the best option for personal use. These navel tweezers are non-serrated and sturdy, so they can be cleaned and re-sterilized for further use. They are especially useful if you're piercing your own navel because tweezers are pressure sensitive and great for hard-to-reach areas. Navel tweezers 7"
Surgical Stainless Steel

Navel Forceps
Buy Now! $11.99
Navel Forceps
These navel forceps are serrated on the inner side and designed especially for navel piercings. Made...



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